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Protecting your assets and personal information has never been more important. At Locksmith Bien Hoa, we understand this and are committed to providing you with a reliable elevator card copying service in Bien Hoa.

Specializing  in copying and making magnetic cards for buildings, apartments, hotels, and on-site at cheap prices

Nowadays, with the strong development of digital technology, electronic control is increasingly widely applied and popular. Especially electronic fingerprint locks are used more and more in hotels, apartments, and hospitals.

Therefore, magnetic card copying has become a highly sought after service in Bien Hoa . Remaking elevator magnetic cards and copying cheap magnetic cards are our business strengths.

Where to find a person who copies elevator cards?

Our store is here , click to get directions on Google Map.

Many people need to make more magnetic cards but don’t know where to look. Please contact us: Locksmith Bien Hoa Hotline: 0886576140. We are the address to make elevator magnetic cards at the best price for you.

Copy the card from the elevator
Bien Hoa elevator card

Currently, many types of magnetic cards have been encrypted and protected from copying, so making more magnetic cards requires modern techniques and machinery. Bien Hoa locksmith always updates the most advanced technology. Overcome situations where all magnetic cards are lost or the magnetic card recognition board on the electronic lock is damaged. Receive genuine replacement parts at reasonable prices.

Professional Elevator Card Copy Service

We have a team of professional and experienced technicians, always ready to help you copy elevator cards safely and quickly. Our services include:

  • Copy card from lost or damaged elevator.
  • Copy the card from the elevator for both the utility card and the backup card.
  • Maintain and repair elevator magnetic cards.
Magnetic cards are used for electronic fingerprint locks and anti-theft motorbikes.

We have full equipment to set up and format cards from all types of services:

  1. Copy magnetic card.
  2. Copy access card
  3. Copy the card from the apartment.
  4. Copy magnetic card key for timekeeping machine.
  5. Copy magnetic card lock for hotel room.
  6. Copy cards from parking lots, access control.
  7. Copy magnetic cards for employees, save customer information.
  8. Buy and sell all kinds of magnetic cards – IC white cards, ID cards, colored keychain cards
  9. Assist you in handling situations in case you lose all your cards
  10. Electronic fingerprint key cards such as: Hafele, Huy Hoang, Aldel
  11. Install elevator card system, Copy cards from cheap elevators when customers order in quantity.
Electronic fingerprint door card
Electronic fingerprint locks often use magnetic cards.

Locksmith Bien Hoa specializes in providing control solutions. At the same time, it is also a distributor providing magnetic cards to apartment contractors. Provide all types of magnetic cards according to customers’ requests. If you are having any problems with your magnetic card. Please contact us. We will advise and serve you on-site at surprisingly cheap prices 🙂

Magnetic card for control and timekeeping
Types of control cards

Other Services of Locksmith Bien Hoa

  • Make keys, repair locks at home
  • Home unlocking service
  • Motorcycle key making service at home
  • Rolling door remote copying service
  • Safe repair service, safe unlocking service.
  • Car key making service at home
  • Service of making magnetic cards for electronic fingerprint locks
  • Electronic fingerprint lock installation service…

Why Choose to Copy Elevator Cards at Locksmith Bien Hoa?

  • Professional Techniques: Our team of technicians has been extensively trained and has many years of experience in the field of elevator card copying.
  • Safety and Security: We are committed to ensuring maximum safety and security for your information.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: We will always be ready to support you anytime, anywhere.

Let us help you protect your important and convenient information with high-quality elevator card duplication service in Bien Hoa. Contact us today for more details and to receive the best quote.

Receive card copying service from door to door in the areas of Trang Dai, Tan Phong, Tan Hiep, Long Binh, Ho Nai. Along with many other wards in Bien Hoa city. Copy the card from the elevator, hello we are there. On-site service prices are negotiated and specifically quoted before work. Unexpectedly cheap price for cases of copying elevator cards in large quantities. Locksmith Bien Hoa, a reputable elevator card copying service provider, is pleased to serve you.